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Overview of Bicycle Assist Systems
Video: Brompton Nano Electric Bike
The Ebike Revolution Begins
What would it take to create an ebike revolution in Portland, Oregon? How can we match the vehicle to the trip, and cut down our consumption of energy radically? The ebike costs about 5 cents to travel 20 miles.

Ivan Illich said it best:

"A people can be just as dangerously overpowered by the wattage of its tools as by the caloric content of its foods, but it is much harder to confess to a national overindulgence in wattage than to a sickening diet. The per capita wattage that is critical for social well-being lies within an order of magnitude which is far above the horsepower known to four-fifths of humanity and far below the power commanded by any Volkswagen driver. It eludes the underconsumer and the overconsumer alike. Neither is willing to face the facts. For the primitive, the elimination of slavery and drudgery depends on the introduction of appropriate modern technology, and for the rich, the avoidance of an even more horrible degradation depends on the effective recognition of a threshold in energy consumption beyond which technical processes begin to dictate social relations. Calories are both biologically and socially healthy only as long as they stay within the narrow range that separates enough from too much." — Energy and Equity//

Electric Bicycle Resources


Brompton Nano Electric Bicycle: 4 minutes
A demonstration of a folding bicycle with electric motor

Go Electric: Bike Commuting Made Easy: 28 minutes
A excellent discussion of E-Bike commuting, how to bicycle safely, what to carry, how to deal with rain, how to carry large loads, all on a Giant Suede E.

Physically Separated Bike Lanes
For people to feel safe riding on the streets, they need separated bike lanes. This video gives a lot of examples.

Secure Bike Parking
Elockers for bikes are a good solution for secure bike parking. Safe bicycle parking is essential for the ebike revolution.

Ebike Shops:


Clever Chimp
1516 SE 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
Weds-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5
"Clever Cycles serves families and businesses seeking to avoid dependence on cars with stylish, practical bicycles and accessories for everyday use. Dutch bakfietsen and city bikes, folding bikes, and our Stokemonkey electric assist for Xtracycles feature passenger and cargo capacity, plain-clothes comfort, all-weather readiness, and low maintenance."

Scoot On This
9811 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR 97266
Wed-Mon 10:30-6:30

Bike n' Hike
400 SE Grand
Portland, OR 97214

Seattle, Washington:

Electric Vehicles Northwest
110 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103
ph: 206/547-4621
ph: 800/940-6548
fx: 206/634-0263
This is a full service Ebike store with many models to try out.

Corvallis, Oregon:

Corvallis Cyclery
344 SW 2nd St.
Corvallis, OR
Features BionX motors

Online Resources for ebike conversions:

ATIV Solutions

Bernson Electric Vehicles

Electric Rider

Some Bike Blogs:


V is for Voltage Forum

This is a great forum for technical questions about ebikes

How to do an ebike conversion

Ebike project shows you step by step how to convert a regular bike into an speed machine using a Crystalyte Phoenix conversion kit.